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nurselog    hold this battered body  with the wisdom of all you have seen     you have what you need    to recover     ruins  cracks  in the concrete   you are stronger  and well prepared for all you will endure

many of you were born in this   playing in city parks   with a distant connection to an elder rooted in the forest    with a grandparent you see on holidays

reading circles   they tell us stories of fires and battled burned before   and they will tell of this too    growing in the grid of our cities

what keeps you safe in the forest in the forest   is the forest    but she won’t be afraid to tell you when to leave  maybe we have been encroaching     rapid sprawl

it may have been the straw that broke the camels back but that doesn’t change the fact you loaded her until she could no longer stand    too few times we thanked you

nurselog         hold this rain as you always have   you support us  and cleanse our spirits and our life force

nurselog        remind us why we are here



original poem and installation piece for david suzuki-emily-carr-art farm collaborative called the woodlands project. including eco assessment community engagement and art making with spark-spreading forest appreciators. i am so grateful to be a part

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