I am an artist based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. I specialize in marketing photography for artists, businesses, and organizations. My services include photography, marketing material design, and social media management.

I am jazzed on helping artists, businesses, and organizations showcase the great work they are already doing. Having professional imagery that reflects the quality of your products and services makes a world of a difference to your potential clients, costumers and funders.

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions about my services please get in touch

Photo by Kate Hergott


My sentimentality and nostalgic nature drew me to photography. I enjoy reflecting on past experiences. I enjoy learning to be present in the moment as I capture the current. I enjoy thinking of how my library will grow with colourful images of light and times ahead. We are moving quickly: our lives and our ancestors lives are a sliver. I find capturing my time here through photographs grounding. After studying ancient art history and the evolution of primates and I became fascinated with how humans have tried to immortalize their experience through visual representations.  I see photography and social media as a continuation of our self-expression and visual culture.

I am eternally grateful to find an avenue to explore my creativity that can also provide for me. I have worked as an artist and photographer for the past four years in commercial and community projects. I strive to use the tools and skills I have to help others succeed in living out their dreams.

For ten years I have been tuning my skills with SLR cameras and am constantly working to better represent what I see. Through photography I am trying to catch and share this fleeting light.


Chlöe Elizabeth Imagery